from: 2016-03-19 to: 2016-03-28

posted by: Xavier Martin

where: Close to Moria

Hello everybody! I am going to be volunteering with Better days for Moria from 19th to 28th March. I’m looking for somewhere to share a room/apartment. Does anyone have a spare room or bed in a room more ...

from: 2016-03-23 to: 2016-04-01

posted by: Caterina Rodelli

where: Close to Moria

Hi! I'll be volunteering at Better Days for Moria camp from 23/03 to 01/04 and I'm looking for a cheap place/room to share, possibly close to the camp. If someone could help me, please contact me a more ...

from: 2016-04-10 to: 2016-04-29

posted by: Angela

where: Panagiouda or Mytilini

Hi, I'm arriving in Lesvos on the 9th April staying for 20/21 days. I'm flexible in that I don't mind whether it's a flat share with my own room, or a room in a house, where I can use the facilities, more ...

from: 2016-03-26 to: 2016-04-04

posted by: Silvia


Hi all, I'm looking for a cheap place to share in Moria from 26/03 to 03/04. I'm clean, friendly and I can cook for you:) sil.turati Thank you more ...

from: 2016-03-25 to: 2016-04-02

posted by: Alberto


Hi! My wife and me will be volunteering at Better Days for Moria camp from 25/03 to 02/04 and we are looking for a cheap place/room to share, possibly close to the camp. If someone could help us, p more ...

from: 2016-03-19 to: 2016-03-26

posted by: Alexander Damianos

where: Near Moria

Hello, I am coming from Athens for a week. I'll be volunteering with Marhacar and need a place to stay! Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Alex Damianos. more ...

from: 2016-03-15 to: 2016-04-12

posted by: Maria O'Meara

where: Near Molyvos

Hi, I am looking for accomodation from next Tuesday 15 March for one month in or near Molyvos as I am volunteering with Starfish. If anyone has or knows of a spare room in the area that would be amazi more ...

from: 2016-04-04 to: 2016-06-03

posted by: Loris Diana

where: near Moria

Hello! I'm looking for an accomodation near the BDFM camp. Preferably in a flat, together with other people. It could also just be for the beginning of my stay (e.g. first two weeks). Hit me up! lor more ...

from: 2016-03-14 to: 2016-04-02

posted by: Jose Ramon Aragón


Hello, We are two people from Spain, a man of 28 and a woman of 56 years, we are going to volunteer for 3 weeks. We are looking for accommodation in the area of Moria. Any information would be welcome more ...

from: 2016-03-16 to: 2016-03-28

posted by: Daniel Olson

where: Anywhere on the island. I am willing to drive. My primary interest is price - looking for lowest pri

I am currently staying in the North, but working in better days for Moria. I'm used to the drive, so I don't mind it. I'm also looking for anyone interested in sharing a rental car. more ...

from: 2016-03-16 to: 2016-03-30

posted by: Laura Botsford


Myself and my volunteering partner, Yves (male) are arriving on Wednesday and are looking for a place to stay near Moria - preferably as close as possible to the olive grove camp. We have sleeping bag more ...

from: 2016-03-29 to: 2016-05-08

posted by: Shelley Williamson

where: Moria camp

Hello! I am going to be volunteering with Better days for Moria from 29 March to May 8. I’m looking to share a room/apartment. Do you have a space or any info that would be helpful? Fb profile more ...

from: 2016-03-17 to: 2016-04-01

posted by: Esther

where: Skala Sykamineas

I am arriving 16 March to volunteer in Skala and am looking for a place to stay. I am open to sharing a hotel room or small apartment. more ...

from: 2016-03-14 to: 2016-03-15

posted by: Ines Seixas

where: Mytiline

TONIGHT ACCOMODATION MYTILINE Hi there, I've arrived today to Mytiline and wanted to go to Molyvos where I've booked my accomodation (cause I'll be working with starfish). However, there are n more ...

from: 2016-03-25 to: 2016-03-28

posted by: isabel herranz

where: Apartment nex to Moria

Hi there me and a mate are renting a place from the 25 th of march to the 4th o, but i will be alone from the 25 th march to the 28 march, so i can share it with someone (girls please). its a nice pl more ...

from: 2016-03-18 to: 2016-03-26

posted by: Joseba

where: Elvira rooms (Petra)

Hello all, I have booked adouble room in Elvira rooms in Petra (north Lesvos). I have one free place there, so if anybody wants to share room , just write me here or to joutxmad please more ...