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Lesvol.info : people : Ayesha KellerBdfM languages: medical skills:
Lesvol.info : places : 1-euro store (Kalloni)
1-euro store (Kalloni)
Lesvol.info : places : 1-euro store (Mytilene)
1-euro store (Mytilene)
Lesvol.info : places : 1-euro store (Mytilene; approx location)somewhere around this square, "across from Dodonis coffee"
Lesvol.info : places : 5asec laundry
Lesvol.info : places : Aegean Universityhttp://goo.gl/maps/e1kTqa8NHu52
Lesvol.info : places : Agios Giorgos / St GeorgeVery dangerous spot for boats to land.
Lesvol.info : places : Agios Nicolas / St Nicolaschapel on north coast that is a landmark for boat landings.
Lesvol.info : places : Agrotiki Stegi (tools, hardware) *OPEN SUNDAY*Or: +30 22530 23275 or +30 697 2023207 or strmoufl@otonet.gr http://agrotikistegi.gr/ this is the best place on the island for tools. Open Mon-Fri 8-3 & 5-8, open Sat AND Sunday 8-3pm
Lesvol.info : places : Airbnb Mytilene apartmentVery cheap, sleeps 3: http://www.airbnb.com/rooms/9122356
Lesvol.info : places : Airbnb Mytilene villaSleeps 8, very cheap if full: http://www.airbnb.com/rooms/4027472
Lesvol.info : places : Airbnb Pamfila 1 (approx location)Sleeps 3, works out to ~60 euros per night: http://www.airbnb.com/rooms/8531179
Lesvol.info : places : Airbnb Pamfila 2 (approx location)Inexpensive villa on Airbnb, sleeps 2: http://www.airbnb.com/rooms/8531179
Lesvol.info : places : Airbnb Panagiouda (approx location)Very inexpensive, sleeps 5: http://www.airbnb.com/rooms/8344864
Lesvol.info : places : Airbnb Thermis (approx location)Villa, sleeps 6, ~30 euros per person per night http://www.airbnb.com/rooms/8531179
Lesvol.info : places : AirportYou`ll need a taxi to get from the airport to Mytilene town. They wait for planes, but you can also ask your hotel to arrange a taxi driver to meet you. (There is also a city bus, but it doesn`t run frequently, and it`s not practical if you have luggage.)
Lesvol.info : places : Airport (boat arrival point)as landmark for boat landings
Lesvol.info : places : Akamakis Wholesalers (approx)food mainly, will deliver pallets to Moria. Call Chris: +30 694 7834884
Lesvol.info : places : Aklidi Hotel35 euros single room / 45euros double / 55euros for 3. Mr Marianthi / Mr Panayotis 26, Evagelistrias Street, Down Town Mytilini www.aklidihotel.gr
Lesvol.info : places : Akti HotelOpen only for volunteers in the winter. http://www.akti-hotel-lesvos.com Special rates for volunteers or helpers for minimum one week. - 1 person single room: 70 EUR/week. - 2 persons double room: 100 EUR/week - 3 persons triple room: 120 EUR/week - 1 tent in the hotel`s garden: 20 EUR/week for 1 person or 30 EUR for 2. Ask for Maria : aktihtl@otenet.gr
Lesvol.info : places : Albatross -- camping gear, wet weatherhttp://www.albatroseshop.gr/ http://www.facebook.com/albatroseshopgr-130047493687936/ -- message through FB, owner speaks English
Lesvol.info : places : Alyfanta warehouseNatasha: +30 698 7254913
Lesvol.info : places : Antony Rent a Carhttp://www.antony-rentacar.com/ +30 6976002770. Has regular cars, a minibus and two 4WD vehicles. Can do pickup at airport for free.
Lesvol.info : places : Apanemo transit campOperated by IRC. Formerly known as Windy Ridge.
Lesvol.info : places : Aphrodite (hotel, where boats sometimes land)landing point for boats. (named for the hotel here on the water; closed for season)
Lesvol.info : places : Argo Hotel Mitilinihttp://www.argolesvos.com/english.htm
Lesvol.info : places : Attika warehouseGreenGate 2 is right next door.
Lesvol.info : places : AutoUnion Car Rentalrecommended car rental. can meet you at the airport or in Mytilene. http://www.autounion.gr/
Lesvol.info : places : Ayios Theodorosroad down to the beach here is not passable even by 4x4, park near the gate shown and walk. Please close the gate to keep the sheep in! Be careful with fires, and don`t burn the sticks used to make the fence to keep the sheep in. Farmer understandably irate about his sheep getting lost!
Lesvol.info : places : BP stationsells tents, cable ties and other useful things
Lesvol.info : places : Bakery SamiotisVery refugee-friendly! Also at Ermou 31.
Lesvol.info : places : BanksQuite a few in a row here. For ATMs and exchange.
Lesvol.info : places : Bella Vista
Lesvol.info : places : Belvedere Hotel LesvosBelvedere Hotel is offering rooms for 10 euros a night to volunteers.They offer clean, warm rooms with hot water. It's a good hotel with good sight of the bay. Tell them you are volunteering with the Kempsons to get the deal. http://www.belvedere-lesvos.gr/ Email info@belvedere-lesvos.gr
Lesvol.info : places : Billy`s Car Rental (approx location)http://www.billys-rentacar.com/ Also offices in Mytilene
Lesvol.info : places : Bobiras Cafegood food, volunteer- and refugee-friendly.
Lesvol.info : places : Bootvluchtelingen (Boat Refugees) warehouse / EFAMContact Loods Flori +30 697 247 2486
Lesvol.info : places : CK Team Base HouseIn the village of Kleio.
Lesvol.info : places : Captain`s Table--Starfish HQCaptain`s Table restaurant / Melinda McRostie / Starfish team is main center of volunteer operations in Molyvos. FB page: http://www.facebook.com/HelpForRefugeesInMolyvos/
Lesvol.info : places : Castle (boat landing)Boat landing spot north of Mytilene port
Lesvol.info : places : Chapel aka St DemetriosLandmark on the dirt road connecting Eftalou and Skala Sykamineas. Boats can land anywhere along here. For medical response, this is the dividing line between zones 1 and 2 (west of here) and zone 3 (east of here).
Lesvol.info : places : Cheese Factory transit pointShelter and clothes for refugees arriving around Korakas. Bus transit takes people to Mantamados. Run with CK Team volunteers.
Lesvol.info : places : Chinese shop (Mytilene) *OPEN SUNDAY*clothing and household items
Lesvol.info : places : Chinese store -- OPEN SUNDAYOpen until 6pm Sundays, 8pm other nights. Has blankets, sleeping bags, clothes.
Lesvol.info : places : Coco Cafe (Sunday buffet!)discounts for volunteers and Sunday buffet 3-7pm, 10eu per person???+30???6939044454
Lesvol.info : places : Copy CenterExcellent copy shop with lots of supplies (notebooks, pens, etc). Very helpful, good English. Has maps, Greek-Arabic phrase lists and other info for refugees on file, if you want copies made.
Lesvol.info : places : Delfinia Hotel & Bungalows
Lesvol.info : places : Dianthi Apartments~$209/week
Lesvol.info : places : Dirty Girls Laundry
Lesvol.info : places : Doukas -- vinyl banners & other printingFor more complex orders than the regular copy shops can do. 90x137cm for 40euro including 4 metal rings for hanging.
Lesvol.info : places : Eftalou Olive Grove
Lesvol.info : places : Efthalou
Lesvol.info : places : ElysionHotel and boat landing landmark
Lesvol.info : places : Eriphillyhttp://www.eriphillyhotel-molivos.com/Contact directly Mrs. Doulgeris, she will arrange the price according the number of persons and how many nights you want to stay. She said that it will be approximatively like this:AppartmentsFor one week for instance, renting an appartment would be 20 euros a night (140 euros a week). It can fit 1 or 2 persons and it would be 25 euros if it is for 3 persons.For one month, she can make it 500 euros.The appartments contain one double bed and one couch that fits two persons as well.Studios17 euros. It can fit 1 or two persons. If there is a third person, the price would be 25 euros.+30 225 30 71 831 or mobile phone +30 69 3739 11 37annadoulgeris@gmail.com
Lesvol.info : places : Ermou -- main shopping street
Lesvol.info : places : Ermou 138 -- waterproof gearHighly recommended by island resident for inexpensive waterproof trousers and coats, with linings. Address: Ermou 138
Lesvol.info : places : EuroSpar Supermarket
Lesvol.info : places : EuropcarPanos Spinelis . recommended. http://www.europcar.com/location/greece/mytillini/lesvos-mytillini-airport
Lesvol.info : places : Evelyn CafeVery volunteer-friendly, very chill, cheap. Local products.??? 9am-2:30pm and 5pm-10pm daily
Lesvol.info : places : Ferogia
Lesvol.info : places : Fishing Volan -- raincoats etcalso in Petra
Lesvol.info : places : Fontana roomsFull until October 26thDouble bedrooms : 28 eurosStudio for 3 persons : 31 euros+30 2251047920fontanaroomsmytilini@gmail.com www.fontanalesvos.gr/en/?p=p_7&sName;=the-fontana-rooms
Lesvol.info : places : GreenGate 2Right next to Attika.
Lesvol.info : places : GreenGate WarehouseContact +30 694 739 5435
Lesvol.info : places : Heliotrope (boat landing)on south coast, boat landing spot, by hotel of same name
Lesvol.info : places : Heliotrope The Studioshttp://www.heliotropestudios.gr/ 2 types of rooms: the small ones: For one person = 40 euros and for 2 persons = 45 euros. the big ones, until 4 people: For one person = 45 euros, for 2 persons = 50 euros (and 10 euros for extra person).
Lesvol.info : places : Hope Centre / ElpisThe Hope Centre is a safe warm space offering emergency response and free onward transit to refugees arriving near Eftalou.
Lesvol.info : places : Hotel Gorgonahttp://www.gorgonahotel.gr/
Lesvol.info : places : IGFA car rentalGood locally owned car rental. You can arrange to pick up the car at the airport.???
Lesvol.info : places : KTEL bus stop (click for schedule)For buses to other parts of the island. Buses don`t run on Sundays.???To Molyvos: 11.00 and 13.15 Monday-Friday, 11.00 only on Saturday. To Kalloni, the same plus 15.10 M-F. DOUBLE-CHECK schedules at???http://www.ktel-lesvou.gr/ because they change seasonally.
Lesvol.info : places : Kalloni
Lesvol.info : places : Kalloni Health Centre
Lesvol.info : places : Kantina Bboat landing landmark
Lesvol.info : places : Kara Tepe -- Syrian family shelterCurrently (early February 2015) no longer any registration here. Shelter for Syrian families only
Lesvol.info : places : KavosNorth coast, south of Korakas
Lesvol.info : places : Kaya (Kagia Beach)Long stretch of beach on north coast, east of Skala Sykamineas. No aid or services, but boats land here from time to time.
Lesvol.info : places : Konstantinos Makrelis -- SHOESErmou 136. Ask for Minoglou brand shoes and receive 20% discount, possibly more. +3022510-21915, www.myshoe.gr
Lesvol.info : places : Korakas (1)4x4 only road. There is a lighthouse, not to be confused with the Lighthouse west of Eftalou. The beach is rocky, steep and a difficult place to land. `Lighthouse` team do the night shift (currently 7pm-10am) and CK team do the day shift (10am-7pm). CK team and locals arrange pick up trucks to carry refugees to the "Cheese Factory" at Kleio and then MSF bus takes them to MSF Mantamados transit camp.
Lesvol.info : places : LagkadaBoats arriving here
Lesvol.info : places : LasiaHotel and boat landing landmark. Also the turn for Pikpa.
Lesvol.info : places : Lesvion HotelRecommended hotel--well priced for location. ???www.lesvion.gr???50 double65 triple80 euros quadruple+30 225 10 28177 lesvion@otenet.gr
Lesvol.info : places : Lesvos Bags -- general gearCan order many things! Kostas is owner. See Facebook page:???http://www.facebook.com/lesvosbagsgeneralgoodsretailerprintingpackaging/?hc_location=ufi
Lesvol.info : places : Lesvos Car Rentalshttp://lesvos-carrentals.com/ Confirmed volunteer- and refugee-friendly! Office is in Mytilene town, but can arrange pickup at airport. Tel:+30-22510-27825 Mob:+30-6932896712 Fax:+30-22510-44280 E-mail: info@lesvos-carrentals.com URL: www.lesvos-carrentals.com
Lesvol.info : places : Let`s Help Lesvos warehouseContact person: Abraham Teran, 698-974-0149
Lesvol.info : places : Lighthouse (west) / LimantzikiBeach point for reference when communicating with boat rescue teams. Please note: there is also a lighthouse on the east side, well past Skala Sykamineas. *That* should be referred to as "The End" to avoid confusion. *Limantziki* is the beach just west of here, where Greek lifeguards are based.
Lesvol.info : places : Limanaki RoomsHotel/ B&B; - 12 studios. 500 per month for 2 persons. Marianthi Sarapoglou Varia (39.0773158, 26.5795304) / 4km south-east to Mytilini port (48 min walk) & close to the airport. www.limanakilesvos.gr
Lesvol.info : places : Loriethotel and landmark for boat landings
Lesvol.info : places : Lymnidarianorth coast landing point, west of Korakas
Lesvol.info : places : MB Electrical SuppliesTel: 22510 22174 / 22510 22175 mouxtouris@yahoo.gr
Lesvol.info : places : Machi`s Guest Househttp://www.greeknet.com/maches_studios/25 euros per night (tax included) for a studio for two with bathroom and kitchenetteel_sideridi@hotmail.com+30 225 3072 036+30 69 44102655
Lesvol.info : places : Main hospital (emergency entrance)
Lesvol.info : places : Malemi Organic HotelSpecial rate for volunteers (talk to George): 25 euros in a single (with breakfast), or 40 for a double. Halfboard also an option: 33 euros single, 50 euros double.
Lesvol.info : places : Marianthi ParadiseSpecial rate for volunteers: 12 euros/night/person
Lesvol.info : places : Marianthi Toroz rooms & studioshttp://marianthitoroz.molivos.net/Studios for 1 or 2 persons with heat; special rates for volunteers--call and ask for Evi. Larger rooms have kitchenettes.+ 30 225 30 71 447toroz@otenet.gr
Lesvol.info : places : Medical Society of LesvosRegistration for medics. Look for entrance down walkway past Ariston bakery. Sign for "Beauty Center" at entry. 3rd floor. 2251028182. Open till 1pm only!
Lesvol.info : places : Meli -- really good pitaSpanakopita, tiropita, etc. And the owner speaks English.
Lesvol.info : places : Melina Apartment
Lesvol.info : places : Mini Market -- Skala SykamineasHolds accounts for volunteers and refugees.???http://www.facebook.com/Helping-refugees-Lesvos-island-Skala-Sykamineas--581610095340512/
Lesvol.info : places : Ministry of the AegeanGo here for volunteer registration. Also location for several UNHCR meetings.
Lesvol.info : places : Molivos View StudiosRecommended.???http://www.molivosviewstudios.com/
Lesvol.info : places : Molyvos (aka Mithimna)Main hub for many of the groups working on the north coast.
Lesvol.info : places : Molyvos SIM card shop
Lesvol.info : places : Moria "Reception Centre"Main camp for registration and processing.
Lesvol.info : places : Motel Nikosrec`d by hotel-owner friend (no firsthand knowledge)???http://www.motel-nikos.gr/
Lesvol.info : places : Mytilene PortBoats to Athens and Kavala, as well as Ayvalik (Turkey). Ayvalik-Mytilini ferries: check schedule here: http://www.turyolonline.com/TarifeSefer.aspx
Lesvol.info : places : Nadia Apartmentshttp://www.apartmentsnadia-molivos.com/
Lesvol.info : places : Nassos GuesthouseOpen for volunteers during winter season, special rate???info@nassosguesthouse.com
Lesvol.info : places : National Bank of Greece
Lesvol.info : places : New Life RoomsNew Life Rooms Hotel/ B&B; - 7 rooms25??? single room / 30??? double or triple roomMr.Paris7 Olympou St., Down Town Mytilini+30 2251 023400 www.new-life.gr
Lesvol.info : places : Oasis Hotelrooms from 25 euros.???http://www.booking.com/hotel/gr/oasis-loutropolis.html?aid=304142;label=gen173nr-15CAEoggJCAlhYSDNiBW5vcmVmcgV1c19ueYgBAZgBMbgBBMgBBNgBA-gBAfgBAg;sid=58a9b28be163c4d4a92eb9949b6bedff;dcid=4;dist=0;room1=A%2CA;sb_price_type=total;srfid=ded1d6c02acacbbe7a391d4459559bcb852746d3X1;type=total;ucfs=1&
Lesvol.info : places : Oikonomidis--good socks and underwearPittakou 3
Lesvol.info : places : Orfeas Hotelhttp://www.orfeas-hotel.com/35 euros (will be 30 euros during the winter season).55 for 3 persons60 euros for 4 personsThe breakfast is not included but can be served for few euros.+30 2251 028523info@orfeas-hotel.com
Lesvol.info : places : Panselinos Hotel
Lesvol.info : places : Paperland -- copy shop
Lesvol.info : places : Paradisos StudiosParadisos apartments in Thermis (pronounced Thermi which is: 30 minutes / ???25 taxi ride from airport15 mins / ???15 taxi ride from main shopping centre and port in Mytilini. 7 mins / ???10 taxi ride from Camp Moria. Sleeps 2-4 and is ???35 a night for 2 (might cost more for the extra people)Cash only.http://www.booking.com/hot???/???/paradisos-studios.en-gb.html???If I volunteer this side of the island again I`ll be staying here for sure. Local restaurant has excellent free wifi and amazing cheap food. Locals are all brilliantly helpful and speak good-great English.
Lesvol.info : places : Pegia
Lesvol.info : places : Pension Niki
Lesvol.info : places : PetraBoats very rarely arrive here. Volunteer groups stay and eat here. Team Humanity (Danish group) is based here:???http://www.facebook.com/groups/1133454810012889/
Lesvol.info : places : Pharmacy Maria Teke
Lesvol.info : places : Pharmacy Padeli Patarelli (??????? ?????????)Well priced. Ask for Jenny--speaks English. Paracetamol, inhalers, antihistamines, bandages, plasters, multi vitamins etc. Ermou 4A, +30 22510 28663
Lesvol.info : places : Pikpa / Village of All Together ???/ Khorio Oli MaziMainly for unaccompanied minors and sick people. Purely volunteer-run; no NGOs. http://www.facebook.com/pikpalesvos
Lesvol.info : places : Plakia/Platsa
Lesvol.info : places : Point 8 Camp1. A transit station for cold and wet refugees landing at the toughest point on Lesvos, providing hot tea and dry socks while waiting for our transport to arrive and drive them to the next stop at Kleio 9 kms away. It is 0.8 of a kilometre from the lighthouse. Hence POINT 8!2. A camp for our night shift volunteers who will be ready to assist with landings and to arrange our transport.3. Every weekend we invite all volunteers on the island to join us for fun beach clean-up and sleep in the big tents here. Contact Matt Llewellin for details. Meeting point is CK Team Base house in Kleio, 9:30am Saturdays..???4 A green zone for any mass casualty situation.
Lesvol.info : places : Post Office -- postcode 81100You can receive packages here, addressed to "Your Name, Poste Restante, Mytilene, Lesvos, 81100"???
Lesvol.info : places : Quick Fast & Clean laundrywash dry and fold for 3??? per kilo. One day service. Same day if you beg! Really nice people. Mon-Sat 09.00 hrs to 14:30 hrs and again at 17.30 hrs. to 22.30 hrs
Lesvol.info : places : SapphohuisAPPROXIMATE LOCATION. http://www.sapphohuis.be/ Has heating and cooking facilities. In the shared living room we???ve got a wood stove and a library.Price per person: - 100 euro???s per week- 400 euro???s per month.If you are planning on staying for a longer period, of course the price is negotiable.Therapists Niko and Saskia are available to offer a listening ear to the volunteers if needed. It is free of charge.sapphohuis-stichting-vzw@hotmail.be+30 6971540959
Lesvol.info : places : Secondhand restaurant supply (approx)Ask around here for Nikos.
Lesvol.info : places : Selana Apartmentsrecommended by a hotel owner on the island (no firsthand knowledge). 40 euros for double, 50 for triple, possible discount for long stays. rooms have kitchen and fridge. gvogia@gmail.com
Lesvol.info : places : Skala Sykamineas food station and temporary shelter -- aka PlatanosOperated by Skala Sikaminias Forefront Structures for the Refugees, with medical service from Adventist Help???http://www.facebook.com/Skala-Sikaminias-forefront-structures-for-the-refugees-854995107950972/?fref=ts???Volunteers often refer to this area on the beach as "Stage 1". ("Stage 2" is up the hill at the shelter.)
Lesvol.info : places : Skala Sykamineas transit campBus gathering centre; often called "Stage 2" (after "stage 1", down on the beach). People have to walk up the hill here (about 2km), and then are bused from here to Mantamados. Run by Father Christoforos Schuff, administered by UNHCR and EuroRelief
Lesvol.info : places : Smart Fishing--waterproof etcinexpensive raincoats, tents, waterproof boots, gloves, scarves, caps. Open from 9:00 until 14:30.
Lesvol.info : places : Sorokos -- backpacksCamping supplies and inexpensive backpacks. Kountouriotis 83, +30 22510 46200. bolkascenter@gmail.com, www.bolkas.gr
Lesvol.info : places : Starfish / Kalloni warehouseIf you have stuff to donate and aren`t sure where to take it, this is a good backup spot. It will get sorted and sent elsewhere on the island. CALL +30 697 852 1647 (Kostas) or message Robert Nielsen on Facebook.
Lesvol.info : places : Stop & Wingeneral cheap stuff
Lesvol.info : places : Studio rental (approx location)Parking available.Small charming studio, in traditional stone house with large garden, for exclusive use.Ideally located, overlooking Eftalou road to the North Coast??? 5 minutes to the beach??? 5min to the castle??? 5 minutes to the city center??? parking ??? 50m to mini marketPrivate and quiet, garden, mountain and castle views, double or single occupancy, bathroom, fridge, coffee and tea making facilities, central heating, free internet access, use of washing machine small surcharge.Special Volunteers price 100Euro per week., per person.Booking mail to: wandern@otenet.gr
Lesvol.info : places : Studios Cosmopolitanrooms to rent--convenient to Moria camp. http://www.cosmopolitanstudios.4ty.gr/en/PAPACHRISTOFOROU%20GEORGIA%20-%20STUDIOS%20COSMOPOLITAN%20-%20ROOMS%20TO%20LET%20LESVOS
Lesvol.info : places : Sunset of Petra restaurant10% discount for volunteers.???
Lesvol.info : places : Super Market Alpha Beta Vasilopoulos
Lesvol.info : places : Super Market Lidl
Lesvol.info : places : To Kyma
Lesvol.info : places : Town Hall
Lesvol.info : places : Tsonias beachthree separate roads lead down to two ends of the beach and the harbour. You cannot drive along the beach because you will get stuck in the sand. So you need to know whether you`re going to Tsonias beach or Tsonias harbour. Usually most refugees land at the harbour, second most frequent the middlle of the beach here, rarely up the far (south) end of the beach.???
Lesvol.info : places : Tsonias harbourTwo members of CK Team stationed here night and day now. This is a good safe place to land, it is a harbour and has good road access.???
Lesvol.info : places : Tzimis Marinatos -- restaurant supplybig pots, cooking burners etc
Lesvol.info : places : Vassilis StudiosStayed here for 7 nights. Bit far from Oxy, but cheap, clean and very friendly
Lesvol.info : places : Veg warehouse--plastic boxesSells sturdy plastic boxes for warehouse organization.
Lesvol.info : places : Villa Nufarohttp://www.villanufaro.gr/ Also on Airbnb
Lesvol.info : places : Villas Elpinikihttp://www.elpiniki-villas.com/
Lesvol.info : places : Vodafone & others: SIM cards "Golden Triangle"Three shops selling SIM cards at this intersection: Vodafone, Germanos and a nameless Nokia shop. Hours for Vodafone: mon-sat 8.30 - 14.00 plus on tues, thurs and Friday they`re also open 17.30-20.30. Like most places they`re closed on a Sunday. shop number is +30 22510 27224. PLEASE don`t skip getting a Greek SIM--it costs everyone money to text or call non-Greek numbers. Vodafone`s 10-euro card includes data.
Lesvol.info : places : Votsala Hotel25 euro/day, 150 euro/week. votsalah@otenet.gr. www.votsalahotel.com. Spiro is owner. Here are our Rates in Euro (special winter rates only for volunteers). Single per month 600 per week 150 additional days 25/day Double per month 700 per week 180 additional day 30 The minimum rental period is one week. We calculate rates per week plus additional days/day
Lesvol.info : places : Web Copy Lab+30 22510 37910, Ermou 193, Kostas Vrohanas
Lesvol.info : places : Western Union (in Mytonis travel agency)You can receive up to 6000 euros per day. Mon-Sat 9am-8pm
Lesvol.info : places : Yeni Limani / Limani Kapis
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